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A place for beauty professionals who are the go-getters, the trailblazers, the risk takers and the passion driven. If this sounds like you, keep on reading!
Is Indigo Collective right for you?

This space is not for you if you...

Have the belief that what you do is just a hobby.

You think just doing a good technical service is enough and you don't want to take the time to work on your business skills.

You don't take responsibility for your words and actions.

You haven't invested time after school to learn and cultivate your craft.

You enjoy work drama.

This space is for you if you...

View your job as a career and have goals for your business life and personal life.

Crave support, transparency and honest 

communication from leadership.

Are willing to do the work and commit to changing old habits to level up your career.

Have a goal of hitting 6 figures behind the chair, enjoying the ride with people who are cheering you on along the way.

Dream of a positive work culture where people actually get along.

If you've found yourself saying, "Wow, I feel like she's talking to me!" throughout this page, we would love to get to know you!!


Hi!  I'm Samantha,

When I envisioned Indigo Collective I wanted to create a space where people felt loved and well cared for (and I'm not just talking about our guests). A space where I could support other beauty professionals to grow and live the life that they dreamed of, and have the pleasure of serving a team who not only served our guests in an incredible way, but served each other with compassion, kindness and grace. 


I know. I know. It's hard. I worked at multiple salons trying to find the right fit, wishing that there was something better out there. I just didn't realize I created this place for others that were feeling the same way I was.

If you're like me and I could take a guess on what kind business you would wanted to work in, your list may look like this:

Set systems and guidelines that the whole team follows, not different "rules", "exceptions", or "excuses" for certain individuals.

Consistent in house education that's not just another product knowledge class once a year.

To grow yourself as a salon professional with an actual career path including benchmarks and promotions with uncapped earning potential.

Honest communication with supportive leadership.

Benefits including paid vacation, a 401K, and bonuses.

Mentoring opportunities

Charity and volunteer opportunities.

A road map to get me to be able to NOT WORK SATURDAYS. 


Team Wins

One of our stylists was able to quit her second job within one year of working with Indigo Collective.

One of our newest team members started working with Indigo Collective a week before the pandemic and was trending 100K+ in sales for 2020.

One of our stylists grew her retail sales by 285% in one year.


Here's what happens after you click this button

You'll be taken to a page where you'll fill out an application. Think about it like a Q+A where we can learn all about you!

Go through each question and when you're done click SUBMIT.

We will go over your application and one of our team members will contact you within 48 hours to set up a phone interview to learn more about your goals and dreams.

We can't wait to meet you!

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