Effective May 28th, NJ's mask mandate and six feet social

distancing requirement will be lifted.


Some of our team members will choose to continue to wear a mask, some will not.

Some of our Guests will choose to continue to wear a mask, some will not.

We understand that everyone has deeply personal beliefs guiding these decisions.

We respect everyone’s choices and there will be no judgement.


We are committed to acting responsible, respectful and kind.


As a company, we will not ask our Guests to disclose their vaccination status. 

We ask that our Guests respect our Team Member’s private health information as well.

With Respect and Accountability being two of our core values we ask that you responsibly follow the CDC guidance in regards to masks as we will be operating on the honor system.


In order to keep Indigo Collective’s Vision of creating an environment of peace and relaxation, any discussion of vaccines, masks and politics will not be accommodated. 


If a Guest feels more comfortable with their Service Provider wearing a mask during their experience with us, we will respectively oblige with no questions asked.


With the safety and health of our Guests and Team Members in mind we will continue to follow all disinfection and sanitation protocols and our styling stations do meet the six feet social distancing requirements.


Indigo Collective will always continue to stand by our mission...

We are committed to ensuring our guests feel

loved and well cared for.

We believe in kindness and service towards

our guests, our community and our planet.

We work together as a team while demonstrating

our passion and commitment to our craft


Thank you for your continued support as we navigate the state of our world and uphold our vision of creating a place where our guests feel loved, well cared for and pampered with their experience with us.