Why hello there!

Hey girl how’s 2021 treating you?

If it’s anything like for us...let’s just say we planned on launching this blog in the beginning of the month!

But hey, we are here now and that’s all that matters. We are all about setting goals and crushing them and while the start or even the road along the way may not be what we originally thought, if we are getting closer to our goals then that’s a WIN!!!

Speaking of things not being how we envisioned, we did not think our second into our third year open would be during a global pandemic! We are so thankful to you all for helping support Indigo Collective and what we stand for.

We thought now would be a perfect time to reintroduce ourselves as we exit survival mode and enter thriving mode (and we want all of you to thrive with us)!

Can you guess what we care about the most?

Our guests (a.k.a you! Yes you reading this right now) always come in first place. We are committed to ensuring you feel loved and well cared for. We believe in kindness and service towards you, our community and our planet. We work together as a team while demonstrating our passion and commitment to our craft. That’s our mission at Indigo Collective and YOU are at the center of it!

In second place is our community and our planet.