The Holy Grail For Dry Skin

Maintaining happy, healthy skin in the winter can be tough. Between the dry heat indoors and the blistering cold outside, my skin is in desperate need of some quenching. My current favorite product duo has transformed my once dull, dry, itchy skin. I've been able to keep it well moisturized and so soft feeling. These two amazing products are perfect for dry skin or can be used on any skin types as well!

Davines Authentic Nourishing Oil

 This Nourishing Oil contains 100% natural ingredients and organically grown safflower oil. It is free from artificial colors, silicones and PEG (which is a paraben) , leaving skin silky and glowing. I love how hydrated my skin feels after using this oil. Whats wonderful is that the product is so light you can even use it on your face and hair. If you do use it in your hair I  recommend only using it on the ends to help seal any dryness.

Davines Authentic Moisturizing Balm

This balm literally glides so easily on the skin, soaks up nicely and never feels greasy. Like the nourishing oil it also contains safflower oil to soothe skin and is 98% natural. It is free from any parabens, artificial colors or silicones. This multipurpose balm can also be used on your face or hair. The creamy texture is divine and the scent is so addicting!

Pop by the salon and come try out these two amazing skincare products yourself!

I know you'll love them just as much as I do. 



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