This Hair Color is All That and A Bag of Potato Chips!

Ha! Do you remember that saying? I probably said it a little too much when I was younger. Did you have a 90’s catch phrase? Let me know in the comments!

So, last weekend we talked about how the 90’s/00’s were going to be influencing hair trends this Spring. Let's dive straight into the fun world of hair color!

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

When you hear 90’s/00’s hair color what comes to mind? That burgundy and yellow stripe look? (We call it peanut butter, jelly hair.) Ok so you can relax, I don’t see any signs of THAT coming back, but when you think back there was some iconic hair. I mean who didn’t know ‘THE RACHEL’.

So let's take a look at how we’re updating those iconic looks for this SPRING!

-High Contrast

So in the 90’s/00’s you saw this everywhere with the chunky highlights. Think Kelly Clarkson circa ‘02. The modern version of this is ‘money pieces’ or a bold balayage.

With the money pieces you’ll see them a few shades lighter to brighten the face, if you have light hair some people are going dark for an edge look and some people that don’t want to commit to a full head of a fashion color are jumping of this trend to experience the fun of a funky color with low commitment.

With a bold balayage (which is normally paired with money pieces) it is still the same tried and true technique with a bit of a heavier hand. So it’s still low maintenance since the lightener is not put all the way to the root, but you’ll see thicker lightened pieces as opposed to the traditional just back from vacation/very natural look.

Either option is a great way to awaken your look after a cold winter!