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Pumpkin Spice Up Your Fall Skincare

The fall season is known for warm spicy coffees, pumpkin pie and comforting squash soups.

You might think having some of these Fall flavors in your skincare is all just hype, but it's not. The benefits of pumpkin alone are so cool! There's actually an enzymatic reaction from pumpkin that gently loosens the bond that keeps dead skin cells 'glued' to the surface of your skin, sounds gross but the result is super soft skin.

The longer you work with skincare lines that contain botanical extracts, the more you recognize that nature really does provide us with ingredients that benefit the skin and at the specific times of the year that your skin needs it.

So when your aesthetician says they recommend a facial containing seasonal fruits, vegetables and spices, they are in that facial for specific effects that will assist your skin in returning to a healthy, glowing balance. I mean who doesn't want that?

The following ingredients are in our Fall Specialty Facial with a brief description of why they are helpful at this time of year.


Did you know that cinnamon is from tree bark? This warm spice has antibacterial, anti fungal and antioxidant properties. As an essential oil it can have irritating effects on the skin so it is only applied in highly diluted concentration.

If you are considering using any essential oil in a diffuser or adding to a product always consult with an aromatherapist to discuss toxicity issues with any essential oil use.


Is from the root of the Zingber Officianale plant (fancy right?). Loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties it is used in many natural remedies for stomach issues, think of ginger tea. Ginger has brightening properties on the skin making it a great ingredient for hyper pigmentation and anti-aging facials. It can be warming so caution has to be used with sensitive skin and rosacea.


Has a rich distinct aroma with warm spicy notes. This spice actually comes from a red-brown flower bud of a tree. Skin benefits include anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties. It can be a skin irritant so the 'less is more' approach is key.

Not only are these ingredients beneficial for your skin but also their aroma is warming, like the memory of grandma's pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, or mulled cider on a cold frosty evening.

Want to try one of our seasonal facials?

Our Pumpkin Spice Specialty Facial is available through November 30th.

December's Specialty Facial will be a cranberry and pomegranate facial with chocolate mask.

Give us a call to snag one of Jocelyn's facial appointments before she retires! (908)840-4064

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