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The Summer Heat is Here, Don't Forget the SPF!

Let's be honest, sunscreen can be annoying. Firstly just remembering to put in on, then remembering to reapply it in-between swimming and sweating and finally all the choices (are some truly better than others?).

So before this July 4th weekend I thought we would break down how to choose the best SPF, best way to apply and why it is SO important.

Are All SPFs created equally?

Short answer, no. So there are a lot of varying ingredients (some of them quite scary) and the protection level can be different as well and I'm not talking about the SPF number.

So first and foremost it is always better to look for a mineral based sunscreen. Can it be a bit more annoying because there's a white residue before it fully absorbs, well yes. The alternative? Covering your largest organ (yep your skin) in nasty chemicals. Not to mention if it is a spray you are also breathing it in and the chemicals in some sunscreens have been linked to cancer. No thank you!

The other downside of chemical based sunscreens, like ones containing avobenzone and oxybenzone, turn your extensions PINK! You've invested a lot into those babies and we've worked hard to color match them to your hair so the last think you want and salmon pink splotches in your gorge extensions.

The other thing you want to look for is UVA AND UVB protections. So what does that mean? UVA AND UVB are the types of sun rays that reach the earth and cause skin damage. You want to make sure that your sunscreen protects you from BOTH, the verbiage you'll want to look for is BROAD-SPECTRUM.

Lastly SPF, the perfect range is between 30-50 depending on your sun sensitivity. If the only color you get in the summer is red then reach for that 50SPF girl!

Application, is there a wrong way?

Nope, not really. Just get on enough and often, every two hours is recommended. The main way is what is the easiest way for you to get it on. If I'm on my own, you know I'm reaching for the spray! The best part is there have been a LOT more choices for mineral based sunscreen coming onto the market in the past year so you get all the benefits as well as the ease of application. If you have a helping hand then lotions are great to.

You just want to make sure that you apply enough and all over. Sunscreen should be applied to your face EVERYDAY. Sun rays can reach through the clouds so it's best to just work a sunscreen into your daily routine, like Althea Botanicals Advanced Protection SPF (we carry it at Indigo Collective). It has a SPF of 30, is mineral based and is slightly moisturizing so it's a great switch for your morning moisturizer!

So why is it so important?

Well the big one is preventing skin cancer, everyone knows that one. There's a lot more to it though. Unprotected sun exposer also leads to skin damage, causing wrinkling and loss of elasticity. Other side effects can be hyper/hypopigmentation, aka white and dark spots on the skin and damages the surface skin cells affecting skin texture.

Everyone enjoy the holiday weekend and slather on that sunscreen :)

Until next time, enjoy all the beauty around us including who’s looking back at you in the mirror!

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