How to Have the Best Skin Care Routine

People often ask me how and when to begin a facial home-care routine. I often reply with a few questions about the makeup products you use, how you remove them, any changes in your skin that you experience, what your current skin care routine looks like, how much time you want to dedicate to your morning/evening routine and if you have ever considered having a professional facial on a regular basis.

Once we have addressed these questions and any further questions that arise I always suggest people get a facial from me for the following reasons:

1. To assess your skin type and condition through our free skin analysis

2. To see how your skin reacts to the product line that I would consider best for your skin based on the answers you have given me.

3. For you to feel the effects and benefits of the product line before purchasing any take home skin care product.

4. To educate you on how the products work, the science behind the ingredients and the value of using a better quality, natural ingredient based product line.

The initial facial does not have to be an extensive one, in fact I prefer a ‘newbie’ facial client to start with our On The Go Facial at the Express Beauty Bar especially if you have never received a facial before and feel intimidated by the experience.

This facial has all the elements of a home care routine; Cleansing, exfoliation, serum application, and hydration that I encourage all my guests to follow every evening. It also allows me to explain the products, one by one, why I would choose them for you, the quantity to use and how best to apply it.

I would then recommend booking your second facial before leaving that day based on your skin condition and I would suggest which type of facial would be best receive next, a product sample to go home with to try within 3 days of the facial and recommendations of which trial/travel size products would be beneficial to try for a week at home after your second facial.

It is important for my guests to recognize that their skin may purge impurities after a facial if they have been using products that contain synthetic ingredients. Depending on the initial condition of a guest’s skin they may experience that their skin looks and feels best anywhere from five days to three weeks after their facial.

Often our guests become long term partners in achieving their optimal healthy skin, from a teenager just discovering how to care for their skin, to thirty year olds beginning to see initial signs of aging, hormonal changes of our forties and fifties and aging gracefully throughout our years.

It all begins with the first steps of Cleanse, Exfoliate, Absorb Nutrients, Hydrate, and Protect. As to which products you should use, come see me for a facial and we’ll chat. I would love to serve you and create the perfect home care routine for you!

- Jocelyn

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