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Let's talk Fall Hair Trends!

It's now OFFICIALLY Autumn (and the weather has gotten the memo) so I can talk all things fall without feeling like I'm short changing summer.

I wanted to pull together all of the hot Fall 2021 Hair Trends so if you are thinking of a change, whether dramatic or subtle, it's all in one place!

We'll start with Fall 2021 Haircut Trends. I've added a link to our favorite Eufora products that we love to help achieve each look; so whether you are waltzing straight out of your hair appointment or going food shopping, you are always looking amazing!

Curtain Bangs

I'm sure you have seen these absolutely everywhere. You can choose where you want them to start, for instance, in the middle picture there is still some coverage and then they sweep to the sides or they can start a bit further down for that traditional curtain bang that frames your face. One of the reasons I believe they are so popular is they work so well with long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair and pair great with a shag.

Your best friend is going to be a working spray to help train your bangs where you want them to go. We love Tame because it provides a light, frizz free hold with a little added shine while keeping hair touchably soft.


See what I did there? It's so true though, you'll see curtain bangs paired a lot of the times with shags because it just adds so much movement around the face.

Now, this is not your regular 70's shag. The modern shag works on all hair types and can suit any length of hair from chin down. It helps add so much interest with all the layers and is a great choice for anyone with a natural wave because it is such a wash and wear style. To help add some texture to all those layers spray in some Full Effect for all day fullness with added separation and the added benefit of anti-frizz.

Barely There Layers

This trend is perfect for all of our long hair goddesses! Healthy long hair is always in and with the barely there layers it allows you to add a little movement to your long locks without loosing any length.

When you are next in for your seasonal trim just ask one of our hair artist for barely there or long layers. This will especially help if you have thick hair, so all of the weight isn't at the bottom. The perfect product pairing for this trend is Illuminate , this lightweight mist will help detangle, add shine and help eliminate frizz.

Fall 2021 Hair Color

Whats the perfect complement to a new haircut? New color of course! There are trends for Fall Color that you can try a little of and there are ways you can completely change your look. Whatever your comfort level there is something for everyone to try.

Sunny Blonde

Sunny blonde, is a blonde with a little warmth in it. As we get further into fall you will see more and more of this trend. You can dip your toes in the water by adding some midlights to your summer blonde hair or you can add some all over warmth by asking one of our hair artists to adjust your enhancer. You'll see terms like warm blonde, honey wheat blonde or creamy blonde used to describe this trend.

The best way to keep your blonde from going brassy is to use Urgent Repair Shampoo to prevent mineral buildup while still still nourishing your hair.

Burgundy Blend

You can commit to this trend as much as you'd like! If you have existing highlights you can ask one of our hair artists to adjust your enhancer so that your highlights are Burgundy, this can also be done with your existing balayage, or you can have all over Burgundy color with just a root smudge. Either way, it is fun to experiment with color and this is one that compliments many skin tones. Reds are one of the first colors to fade so it is important to take steps at home to help maintain this color. First tip is to rinse with cool water when in the shower. The second is to use Eufora's color locking system. This duo extends the life of your color by 30%, it seals the cuticle and protects your hair from heat. There's a multitude of other styling benefits, which you can find at the link above!

Burnt Orange and Auburn Tones

Now, if you are a Fall girl, this one is for you. This trend just screams Autumn since it reflects all the beautiful colors of the season. You can go full on Auburn or full on Burnt Orange or do a mix of tones throughout for the best of both worlds. Again, this is a super easy shift if you already have pre-lightened hair or you can add in some low lights of Auburn or highlights of Burnt Orange for just a little fun! Your best friend is going to be Color Revive Copper , this is a treatment you can do at home and will not only help keep your color vibrant but it will also help keep your hair healthy and shiny.

Autumn is a fun time to try something new with your hair, while trends are a fun place to find inspiration, do something that makes YOU happy!

Until next time, enjoy all the beauty around us including who’s looking back at you in the mirror!

-Indigo Collective Team

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