Let's talk Fall Hair Trends!

It's now OFFICIALLY Autumn (and the weather has gotten the memo) so I can talk all things fall without feeling like I'm short changing summer.

I wanted to pull together all of the hot Fall 2021 Hair Trends so if you are thinking of a change, whether dramatic or subtle, it's all in one place!

We'll start with Fall 2021 Haircut Trends. I've added a link to our favorite Eufora products that we love to help achieve each look; so whether you are waltzing straight out of your hair appointment or going food shopping, you are always looking amazing!

Curtain Bangs

I'm sure you have seen these absolutely everywhere. You can choose where you want them to start, for instance, in the middle picture there is still some coverage and then they sweep to the sides or they can start a bit further down for that traditional curtain bang that frames your face. One of the reasons I believe they are so popular is they work so well with long hair, short hair, straight hair, curly hair and pair great with a shag.

Your best friend is going to be a working spray to help train your bangs where you want them to go. We love Tame because it provides a light, frizz free hold with a little added shine while keeping hair touchably soft.


See what I did there? It's so true though, you'll see curtain bangs paired a lot of the times with shags because it just adds so much movement around the face.

Now, this is not your regular 70's shag. The modern shag works on all hair types and can suit any length of hair from chin down. It helps add so much interest with all the layers and is a great choice for anyone with a natural wave because it is such a wash and wear style. To help add some texture to all those layers spray in some Full Effect for all day fullness with added separation and the added benefit of anti-frizz.

Barely There Laye