2019 is for self care

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I don't know about you but December is always a whirlwind. It's the time of the year where every weekend is booked up with events and if you are anything like me you're gift shopping until the very last minute...Hello gift cards! When January rolls around I reflect on the past month and realize I'm totally exhausted because I haven't really taken care of myself like I should have because there was just no time.

Welcome to 2019, which I'm considering the year of self-care. It was the buzzword of 2018 but were we actually doing it?

In a world of go go go it's so important to ensure we are taking care of ourselves so we have the energy to take care of the things and the people we need to.

Back in November we introduced our new Spa Express Bar which has solved the problem of never taking time for yourself. Now you can enjoy an express facial, massage, or reflexology service in the time it takes your hair color to process. A lot of our guests have enjoyed being able to utilize that time to relax and be pampered instead of sitting, staring at the timer next to them.

If you want to jump into 2019 with some self-care click the link below or call the

salon at 908-840-4064. You owe it to yourself!




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